With our E-Marketing program, we work with your business to create email newsletters and announcements that get immediate and measurable results.  Our program provides your business with a number of tools including, list management features, email tracking and reporting, and high deliverability Our unique program makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers and is a powerful tool in increasing targeted traffic to your web site.


Build and Manage Your List
     •     Create a list sign-up form in minutes
     •     Import existing e-mail lists
     •     Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe contacts as desired
     •     Confirm opt-in subscribers
     •   Manipulate and segment customer information based on interests, demographics, or customized questions
Create Campaigns
     •     Automatically format and deliver HTML, text e-mail or multipart
     •     Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe links created for message
     •     Image Manager lets up upload and store your images
     •     Online HTML tool allows you to create rich HTML emails with ease.
     •     No advertising footer on custom emails.
Send and Track
     •     Anti-Spam, Can Spam Act Compliant
     •     Target e-mails based on interests, demographics, or custom questions
     •     Personalize each e-mail automatically
     •     Send preview e-mail to yourself
     •     Schedule date and time to send your e-mail messages
     •     Automatically track and flag invalid e-mail addresses (Bounce Management)
     •     Export list information
     •     Live click tracking reports for each link in your message (including who clicked on each link and when)
    •     Track message reads in real time
    •     View detailed reports online or export to spreadsheet format
    •     View complaints, if any for your email blasts
Advanced Features
     •     Unlimited List / Database Fields
     •     Demographic Reporting and Analysis
     •     Automated Email Date-Based Triggering and Scheduling
     •     Focus groups / AB Testing
     •     Complex querying using nested AND/OR
     •     Private Identifier (IP Address) for your company's email blasts